Laminate Radius Corner ‘B’ or ‘C’

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Laminate Radius Corner ‘B’ or ‘C’

CORNER B: This is a perfect feature to complete a contemporary and safe design for your kitchen. This is the most effective and eye pleasing way create a curve on a laminate worktop, without having to purchase ones that are factory finished. This is a 45° radius that is then re-edged in house to match the rest of your kitchen.

CORNER C: This is the only option available if you require a square edge on a profiled worktop (profile means the little curve that is created when the laminate wraps around the front edge of a worktop). We would remove the ‘profile’, cut the radius corner and then re-edge the worktop for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Edging only comes in certain sizes (e.g. 1200mm strip) and in some cases the edging may have to be joined.

PLEASE NOTE: The cost for re-edging the cut, is already included in the price. If you require a certain radius for e.g. open housed shelves or curved units then we will need a template.

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Laminate Radius Corner 'B', Laminate Radius Corner 'C'