Laminate ABS Radius Corner ‘A’

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Laminate ABS Radius Corner ‘A’

If you are worried about sharp corners on your worktops then our option A is perfect! Whilst being the cheapest out of the three options, this utilises space in any utility rooms where there is minimal movement but also creates a safer environment for children. This is a 45° straight cut that is then re-edged in house to match the rest of your kitchen.
PLEASE NOTE: The cost for re-edging the cut is already included in the price.

Acrylic edged worktops offer a contemporary square edged profile, in order to imitate Stone and Real Wood worktops more than a standard laminate. Although both laminate and acrylic worktops are one of the most similar products on the market in terms of them both consisting of layers of plastic (laminate sheets) bonded to chipboard and craft paper, they also differ significantly due to the edging process. Due to the acrylic edging, we are required to use a non Petroleum based adhesive (so that the edging does not melt) and A clamps to secure the edging in place and leave to set for at least 12 hours. Due to the lengthy process, you will see a slight price increase below for the same services that we offer on a standard laminate worktop.

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