Solid Surface Worktops

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Are you bored of your old kitchen worktops? Do you want to step your kitchen game up a notch without having to fork out the cash for Granite or Quartz? Our solid surface worktop range offers just that! Solid surface offers the aesthetics of Granite and Quartz and the versatility of Corian, at a fraction of the cost.

With big name brands such as Mistral and Mirostone you’re guaranteed only the best quality worktops. With seamless joints and the ability to create any shape you want, you’ll surely find that worktop you’re looking for in our solid surface range.

As well as the beautiful aesthetics another major benefit of solid surface worktops is that they are non-porous, meaning that glass of red wine you spilled the other night at your dinner party can be wiped straight off without it staining your worktops. Not only that, this also means that they are highly resistant to bacteria making them very hygienic.

Finally if you do somehow manage to scratch or even chip your solid surface worktops they can be easily repaired by using the sanding pads provided with the installation/ care and maintenance kits on an orbital sander, and giving the surface top a light sanding. This also means if your solid surface worktops are looking a little tired after a few years of being installed, they can be re-sanded to look brand new again which is a benefit that Granite and Quartz worktops do not provide.

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